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This, I hope, is the first and last time you will hear advertising for McDonald’s here, but this long-forgotten radio spot deserves to be temporarily brought out of my imaginary garden shed and dusted off in the interests of Talknormalism (click to play):

News you can trust

No one does business news as accurately as hero of Talknormalism The Onion. The story behind

MediaLine employees stood with mouths agape Wednesday as they witnessed the very moment at which project manager James Atkins attained complete mastery over the fine art of meaningless corporate doublespeak.

is here, and the story that gives us

“The way Skip looked right into that camera and said ‘annihilation’ with perfect enunciation—I’ve been in the news business for 14 years, and I still got goose bumps,” Salters said.

is here.

I could post about a hundred more, but it’s better if you discover stories like Nation Ready To Be Lied To About Economy Again or JPMorgan Chase Acquires Bear Stearns In Tedious-To-Read News Article in your own time. Well what are you waiting for? It’s Friday.

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