Please let it be over soon

To mark the launch of Windows 7 I’ve raised the bullshit alert level to CrapCon 1 today, its maximum possible setting. Everyone dedicated to Talknormalism should be very alarmed. I’m not saying the world was better in my day – I grew up in Scunthorpe in the 1970s and Scunthorpe’s a hole. But when Microsoft’s marketing department can describe what’s essentially a small upgrade to a failed operating system as a sexy experience, all I can conclude is that they have not had much sex recently.

Scunthorpe: even less sexy than Windows 7

Scunthorpe: even less sexy than Windows 7

If any reader who is currently in a sexual relationship with a member of the Microsoft staff would care to email me to compare the quality of these relations with the erotic power of Windows 7, I will respect your anonymity and send you a Talk Normal mug. Then at least you can have a nice cup of tea instead.

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