I’d hate to see the bad stuff

How they look to me

A press release

I thought it was about time that Talk Normal sent out a press release. I don’t have anything to talk about, but that hasn’t stopped PR companies from sending me thousands of press releases in the past, so look at this as part of some ineffective passive-aggressive retaliation.

Anyway, having received almost half a million press releases in my life, I gave the project several seconds of thought before coming up with:

Talk Normal expands Solution Portfolio with new Solution Modules

Talk Normal (http://talknormal.co.uk), the leading web site for people who want to communicate more effectively with coworkers, today announces the Talk Normal Interaction Effectiveness Solution. The solution consists of a series of discrete modules which together effectively enhance your ability to provide effective interactions end-to-end in your business, and facilitate improved interaction.

“Talk Normal has always set out to be significantly customer-focussed,” chief solution advocate Tim Phillips says, “with our solution we can take this to another level.”

The solution is free to view by visiting http://bit.ly/124lr, and is available immediately.

About Talk Normal
Talk Normal (http://talknormal.co.uk) is the leading web site for people who want to communicate more effectively with coworkers. Its chief solution advocate is Tim Phillips.

Tim Phillips, chief solution advocate
020 3287 9248

I thought, maybe someone who does this for a living could tell me what you think of my style (with hindsight I could have punched up the bit where I called it a web site. Information portal? Content repository?) but luckily there’s a free web site to tell me how effective my release would be as a marketing tool: http://pressrelease.grader.com/. Paste your release and the robot at HubSpot automatically writes you a report.

I’ve now got my report. It tells me that I need to vary the links a bit more for search engine optimisation and my press release should be at least twice as long, as I’m sure you agree. But it’s not all bad news: the report told me that This release contains 0 words that are considered gobbledygook.

I support anything that gives us better press releases, especially as so many of them reach the pages of magazines virtually untouched these days. But if the HubSpot robot is interfacing with my information portal, and it genuinely wants to facilitate improved interaction, I’d suggest tightening that gobbledygook filter a bit.

1 Response to “I’d hate to see the bad stuff”

  1. 1 Niccie September 28, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    I am laughing so hard, I’m actually crying. It’s funny because it’s so completely true! However – I think it would be more effective if you cited some un-biased research that you’d conducted, which would probably have involved asking 10 people around the office “Would you welcome a tool which improved communication in your organisation?”. If 4 of them say yes, you can lead with “almost half the UK’s workforce need new communication tools” Everyone loves a good pseudo-stat!

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