A hero for our times

Take a memo!Again with the archives. Not even my archives at that. Neil McAllister created the superhero Action Item in 2000 – and for those of you too young to have seen it first time round, when all 27 people who were attached to the internet emailed it to each other, it’s even more relevant today than it was then. Click on the title panel to see the rest.

Neil used the Fawlty Towers approach and got out before the joke went stale. After one episode. Because of this we never found out who Action Item really was. Take a look around your office. Could your boss be him? Admit it, it’s possible.

Would love to show Action Item here in its entirety, but Neil requests that it stays on this site. I should warn you that it is now a valuable historical artifact, and so you must wear white gloves when viewing the page.

If you’ve met or seen someone in the news who you secretly suspect is Action Item, let me know (with reasons of course). I can assure you there would be a special Talk Normal prize if you rediscovered our retired superhero.

1 Response to “A hero for our times”

  1. 1 Robert September 10, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I trust you’re familiar with this:

    If not you should be. It gives a nice rundown of the reasons people speak like this.

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